Does Derma Rolling Help Remove Stretch Marks?

Derma rolling is something that many people may not have heard about, but the process has become a hot topic in discussions surrounding stretch mark removal.Derma Roller  Essentially, the process takes advantage of the natural regeneration process of the skin, brought on by the use of needles to create hundreds of microscopic channels in the skin.

The micro channeling effect of the needles allows the release of agents in the skin, called fibroblasts, which are responsible for the production of collagen and promote natural healing without scarring.  As a result, the body’s own ability to heal wounds is used in the formation of new skin tissue, thereby reducing the appearance of scarred skin or stretch marks.

The Process of Derma Rolling

Typically, the process of derma rolling is conducted using a hand held tool that looks somewhat similar to a paint roller.  However, the rolling piece in this case contains hundreds of steel needles which are rolled over the surface of the skin.

These needles vary in size, and different sized needles typically determine what area of the body they are to be used on.  The smallest needle, usually around 0.5 mm, is generally suggested for areas on the face, while larger sized needles of 1-1.5 mm are usually advised as the appropriate size for use on stretch marks which occur on other areas of the body.

Derma rolling tools are sold so individuals can perform the treatment process on themselves, though more intensive derma rolling and skin needling procedures can be performed by a medical doctor or skin specialist for the treatment of more severe scarring or stretch marks.

The Results of Derma Rolling

After derma rolling is complete, individuals may experience skin that looks red or inflamed, and some experience sensitivity in the area that was treated.  However, this result usually lasts for no longer than a few hours in most people.

Some derma rolling systems are packaged to include a derma rolling tool as well as a skin solution meant to aid in the regeneration process.  Those who have undergone the process are also advised to use sunscreen to protect the area of skin that has been treated.

For those that conduct derma rolling at home using some of the products available for non-medical use, the process is actually safe and easy enough to be done every day.  However, it is advised that more rigorous use of derma rolling tools, say with more force and larger needle sizes, should probably only be done once each week.

Overall, many people have experienced great results with derma rolling, but effects should not be expected immediately.  Consistent treatment over time may be the best way to achieve a reduction in the appearance of stretch marks, as the body requires time to produce enough collagen and other skin agents to heal the scarring that exists.

In terms of its effectiveness, derma rolling does seem to show promise as a solution for the treatment of stretch marks.


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