Help with Stretch Mark Removal

Are you are stuck with ugly stretch marks? Then rest assured that help is at hand. Regardless of how you got the stretch marks in the first place, for example:

  • pregnancy
  • sudden weight gain
  • over exercising

then there is a large range of ‘potential’ solutions available.

I say ‘potential’ as for some people getting rid of stretch marks permanently is not before-afterpossible. Or at least not without expensive surgery and even then you are not guaranteed 100% success.

In fact the majority of treatments like stretch mark removal creams will only help to reduce the visual effects of the stretch marks i.e. they will cause them to fade but not clear them 100%.

On this website I will provide you with answers to all of your stretch mark removal questions and give you some tips and advice on which treatments work best for you and where necessary which treatments to avoid.

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    The 3 Most Effective Stretch Marks Removal Treatments

    There are many effective ways to reduce or even eliminate stretch marks on the body. Of course, there are also methods used that seem to have no effect at all. Understandably, finding the most effective ways to get rid of stretch marks is a very important goal for many people.  The 3 most effective stretch mark treatments can vary, depending on your skin type, but there are ways to help.

    For many people, stretch marks can be reduced or eliminated using the following methods. Each of the 3 most effective stretch mark treatments has their own unique set of pros and cons which will depend greatly on the results you are looking for and how invasive you would like your treatment to be.

    • Laser Removal – This procedure is one of the most expensive forms of stretch mark removal because it is completed by a professional surgeon. However, laser removal is also said to be one of the most effective of the many stretch mark removal techniques. The lasers can rejuvenate skin, making it look youthful and healthy once again. These results may even give you the impression that your body looks more toned and fit as well. Those who decide on laser removal can expect swelling and redness in the area of the procedure, but this is the skin healing itself and is part of the stretch mark removal process.
    • Vitamin E – This is one of the most used vitamins when it comes to reducing the presentation of stretch marks. Vitamin E nourishes the skin and allows it to heal stretch marks, which are much like scars with regard to the way the skin itself is broken down. Using this vitamin can work as a glue to repair and rejoin skin that has been damaged and torn apart.
    • Dermal Needling – This is another effective way to remove stretch marks. The process involves needles that affect deeper layers of skin, causing the skin to repair damage done from the needles by creating new skin cells in the area. When this is done on stretch mark new tissue is regenerated in the area. Similar to laser removal, there is a potential for redness and swelling with this method.  However, this also goes away after a few days, and is necessary in order for the skin to repair itself.

    To date, no method has been shown to be 100 percent effective for everyone who uses it to remove stretch marks from the body permanently or even lighten their appearance. The listed methods are highly effective for a lot of people and are great starting points for further research and questions for your doctor.

    Rest assured that these methods are certainly not the only ways to remove stretch marks from the body. If they do not appeal to you, other strategies can be effective in helping you create healthier, younger looking skin without stretch marks.   Generally, you can find the 3 most effective stretch mark treatments for your specific skin and body tone using trial and error.


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      Most Effective Vitamins for Removing Stretch Marks

      With so many solutions available to help get rid of stretch marks you can be forgiven vitamins-stretch-marksfor getting confused about what really are the most effective treatments. The amount of research into removing and preventing stretch marks still points towards the use of various creams, a lot of which are packed with vitamins and minerals.

      There are only a few Vitamins that provide the best results and sometimes a combination of Vitamins can work better on certain skin types. I’ve put together a short list of Vitamins that you should look out for when buying or making your own home made stretch mark cream.

      Bear in mind that taking these extra vitamins will help to ‘prevent’ stretch marks in some cases whilst using creams that contain these vitamins will help reduce the over appearance of stretch marks.

      Vitamin A: This vitamin is found in lots of yellow and green fruits and vegetables. Also found in animal livers and fish liver oils. The use of Vitamin A can help to fade stretch marks by promoting the growth of new skin cells. It also strengthens the skin whilst adding elasticity.

      Note: Before taking Vitamin A please consult with your doctor if you are pregnant or suffer from either liver disease or hypothyroidism.

      Vitamin C: This is found in citrus fruits, green vegetables and broiled fish. The main benefit of using this vitamin is that it acts to restore any damaged  skin connective tissue. Like most other Vitamins it can be found in supplement form but be aware that taking too much Vitamin A can result in diarrhoea. This normally signs that you are taking too much Vitamin A so please consult a doctor or physician to get the correct daily amount you should be taking.

      Vitamin E: Found in lots of foods like leafy green vegetables, whole grains, blueberries, papaya, almonds, this vitamin helps to promote the growth of new skin cells. It also builds elasticity and firmness of your skin. This Vitamin is one of the most effective of all vitamins that helps to prevent stretch marks in the first place, especially when used within a stretch mark cream.

      A typical daily recommended intake for Vitamin E is 15mg for pregnant women. So for pregnant women it’s advised to rub a cream containing Vitamin E around the ‘bump’ area to help prevent any stretch marks forming.

      Note: Before taking Vitamin E please consult a doctor if you suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure, a heart condition, or an over-active thyroid. And if you take anticoagulants please consult a physician before increasing your Vitamin E intake.

      It’s been proven that for certain skin types vitamins can certainly help to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. However, it’s also clear that we already get our recommended dose of certain vitamins so please be cautious if you are looking to take any vitamins mentioned above as a supplement because it could mean you are taking well in excess of a daily recommended amount.


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        Does Derma Rolling Help Remove Stretch Marks?

        Derma rolling is something that many people may not have heard about, but the process has become a hot topic in discussions surrounding stretch mark removal.Derma Roller  Essentially, the process takes advantage of the natural regeneration process of the skin, brought on by the use of needles to create hundreds of microscopic channels in the skin.

        The micro channeling effect of the needles allows the release of agents in the skin, called fibroblasts, which are responsible for the production of collagen and promote natural healing without scarring.  As a result, the body’s own ability to heal wounds is used in the formation of new skin tissue, thereby reducing the appearance of scarred skin or stretch marks.

        The Process of Derma Rolling

        Typically, the process of derma rolling is conducted using a hand held tool that looks somewhat similar to a paint roller.  However, the rolling piece in this case contains hundreds of steel needles which are rolled over the surface of the skin.

        These needles vary in size, and different sized needles typically determine what area of the body they are to be used on.  The smallest needle, usually around 0.5 mm, is generally suggested for areas on the face, while larger sized needles of 1-1.5 mm are usually advised as the appropriate size for use on stretch marks which occur on other areas of the body.

        Derma rolling tools are sold so individuals can perform the treatment process on themselves, though more intensive derma rolling and skin needling procedures can be performed by a medical doctor or skin specialist for the treatment of more severe scarring or stretch marks.

        The Results of Derma Rolling

        After derma rolling is complete, individuals may experience skin that looks red or inflamed, and some experience sensitivity in the area that was treated.  However, this result usually lasts for no longer than a few hours in most people.

        Some derma rolling systems are packaged to include a derma rolling tool as well as a skin solution meant to aid in the regeneration process.  Those who have undergone the process are also advised to use sunscreen to protect the area of skin that has been treated.

        For those that conduct derma rolling at home using some of the products available for non-medical use, the process is actually safe and easy enough to be done every day.  However, it is advised that more rigorous use of derma rolling tools, say with more force and larger needle sizes, should probably only be done once each week.

        Overall, many people have experienced great results with derma rolling, but effects should not be expected immediately.  Consistent treatment over time may be the best way to achieve a reduction in the appearance of stretch marks, as the body requires time to produce enough collagen and other skin agents to heal the scarring that exists.

        In terms of its effectiveness, derma rolling does seem to show promise as a solution for the treatment of stretch marks.


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          How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks Naturally

          Want to know how to get rid of stretch marks naturally?  If you have stretch marks as a result of a pregnancy or perhaps from growing too fast, then you may not like the way they look. This is completely understandable, and you definitely are not alone in your struggle with stretch marks.

          Many people want to know how to remove stretch marks, or at the very least, make them less noticeable. A lot of people have also discovered how to get rid of stretch marks naturally.

          Giving your skin the right amount of care can help you take care of many issues that you may have with your skin and can also reduce the appearance of stretch marks or prevent them.

          • Massaging Vitamin E into the skin can help reduce the effects of stretch marks. This can be done with a cream or oil that already contains the vitamin or you can also add vitamin E to the cream or oil of your choice.
          • Cocoa butter can also help reduce the appearance of stretch marks. The vitamins that nourish your skin within the cocoa butter, along with the massage that you do on the stretch marks when you apply it, adds to the elasticity in the skin and gives it a much tighter appearance.
          • Using a body brush while in the shower or bath to massage the skin loosens dead skin cells and helps to massage the elasticity back into the skin.  This tip is great to use before moisturizing as it helps you treat healthier skin cells.
          • Shea butter is an all-natural cream that a lot of people use not only to nourish their skin, but also to reduce the effects of stretch marks. The cream contains Vitamin E, as well as additional nutrients and vitamins that are vital to good skin health.
          • Lavender essential oil is also a natural way to reduce stretch marks.  Massaging it into your skin can help promote healthy skin, encourage relaxation, and many people enjoy its smell as well.
          • Drinking plenty of water and making sure that you stay hydrated is very important. The more water you can put into your system, the more hydrated and healthy your skin is going to be.
          • Virgin olive oil is another thing that is highly thought of when it comes to reducing the look of stretch marks.   Similar to other techniques, the oil includes positive nutrients for your skin, and massaging the area with oil is an advantage as well
          • You may not think Aloe Vera gel would be helpful in reducing stretch marks, but it is said to help with all kinds of skin issues, including sunburns and stretch marks. The Aloe Vera plant contains many of the essential vitamins and minerals needed to heal and repair skin, and you can find gel that contains Aloe Vera in any drugstore.
          • Apricot scrub can help cleanse the body, get rid of dead skin cells, and help the body repair broken skin cells. A regular exfoliating routine with apricot scrub can add to the benefits provided by other methods that moisturize the skin.

          There are plenty of strategies you can use to discover how to get rid of stretch marks naturally.  The key in using natural methods is simply to be patient and find the combination that seems to be the most effective for your skin.

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            Do Stretch Marks Creams Really Help with Stretch Mark Removal?

            Do stretch mark creams really work and which creams work best?

            When it comes to using stretch mark creams, you may want to know if they really work and if they are worth the money and effort you will have to put into them. Researching product reviews can help you narrow down the field and eliminate wasted time spent trying various options.

            Keep in mind that people often see varied results depending on their skin and body types. It is a good idea to read labels and research ingredients in the creams ahead of time to understand the typical results and get a better idea as to what you can expect while using the product.

            The following stretch mark creams have a reputation among reviewers for being very effective in removing or reducing the size, shape, color or overall appearance of stretch marks.

            StriVectin-SD is a skin repair cream, which the makers claim will not only tackle stretch marks, but also wrinkles and aging skin. It is formulated with a proprietary complex of 8% Actives (NIA-114+ Peptide) to improve the appearance of stretch marks in as little as 2 to 8 weeks. NIA-114™, discovered in skin cancer research, helps rebuild skin layers, and according to StriVectin, the results are documented in multiple global patents and years of clinical studies.
            Note: Check out reviews here and lowest price for StriVectin online today.

            This cream is highly regarded on the market, and it was specifically formulated to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. It can help build up elasticity and collagen in the skin, allowing the skin to re-generate and repair itself with the vitamins, minerals, and additional supplements included in the cream. There are also toning components within the formula that help to give the body a nice tight, toned appearance.
            Note: Check out unbiased reviews and best prices for TriLastin here.

            Mederma is normally used for scar removal; however, the makers of Mederma have developed a cream that is specifically designed for the removal of stretch marks. The minerals, vitamins and additional supplements within this cream allow the body to regain elasticity, and the massaging movement that is needed to rub the cream in the skin contributes to a reduction in stretch marks as well. Overall, the toning components of the cream provide the body with a tighter look, while the vitamins and minerals that are massaged within the body also provide it with a smoother, leaner appearance.
            Note: Lots more Mederma reviews and lowest online prices here.

            Avon Stretch Mark Removal
            Avon stretch mark removal cream is lightly scented, and reduces the appearance of stretch marks through ingredients that include Vitamin E, aloe, and other nutrients.  Massaging it into the skin can help to rehydrate it and give it a more youthful appearance. This option is the most cost effective of this group, and the cream is more affordable than many of the other products out on the market as well. Those interested can purchase this product through an Avon representative.

            Skinception is the newest cream on the market, but it has shown success for a lot of people with stretch marks. It is highly regarded and combines a mix of vitamins, minerals and nutrients into the skin to provide it with a way to rejuvenate and repair itself. It is on the higher range in terms of price, but it is also effective very quickly and requires only a short period of use to supply results.

            Note: Try out Skinception here today and get Free Delivery for every online order.

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